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Pre Listing Home Inspection and Repair

A poor buyer’s home inspection could break a deal. Wolf Brothers Construction can work with you or your real estate agent to do a pre inspection now so you can repair any defects and add value to your home before listing.

Demand in the Fort Collins real estate market has continued to rise. Experts expect the area to continue growing for the foreseeable future; a feat that should attract the entire Fort Collins real estate investing community. According to, the Fort Collins real estate market has an average home price of $444,360. At their current point, home prices are actually 32.5 percent higher than the average sales price ($335,431). The average home price per square foot in Fort Collins is $155. The difference in selling prices and actual home vales suggests that the Fort Collins real estate market is a strong seller’s market. The demand for property has never been higher, which allows sellers to drive up prices in bidding wars. The same holds true for homes that are not in the best condition. Sellers receive multiple offers and the price is usually bid up above the seller’s initial asking price. Fort Collins real estate investing has already benefited from the current landscape.

According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 25 percent of sellers get a home inspection before contacting an agent. It’s the third-most common pre-listing, pre-agent activity, behind completing home improvements (which 50 percent of sellers do) and coming up with a listing price (39 percent). One of the main reasons sellers do a pre-inspection is to know ahead of time what a buyer is going to find during their own inspection.

It may not be worthwhile to get a pre-inspection if your home is brand new, you’ve made updates recently or you already know there are issues and you don’t have the money to make repairs before listing.

Just like a buyer’s home inspection, a pre listing inspection checks major systems, mechanical systems, roof windows, and doors and looks for signs of water damage, mold and cracks. Wolf Brothers can come in and find these issues and repair them. We also can work with you and your real estate agent to make some improvements that may up the value of your home before you put it up for sale.

The estimate is free and it will give you valuable improvement advice that may give you more negotiating power during the sale.

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